CruzFluor™ 647 succinimidyl ester




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C378967-1mg 1mg 期货 CruzFluor™647琥珀酰亚胺酯  


产品名称 CruzFluor™647琥珀酰亚胺酯
英文名称 CruzFluor™ 647 succinimidyl ester
别名 CFL™ 647 succinimidyl ester
英文别名 CFL™ 647 succinimidyl ester
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Cruzfluor™647琥珀酰亚胺酯染料显示出良好的反应性,稳定性以及对蛋白质氨基的选择性。Cruzfluor™647染料保持与Cy5®相似的光谱特性,并具有在3至11 pH范围内独立于pH值的其他优点,增强的光稳定性和更大的荧光。这些额外的优点使Cruzfluor™647琥珀酰亚胺酯染料成为Cy5®,DyLight®633和AlexaFluor®647/633的极好的替代品。CruzFluor™647染料的激发最大值约为650 nm,发射最大值约为670 nm。此外,提供CruzFluor™647(C

Cruzfluor™ 647 succinimidyl ester dyes display good reactivity, stability as well as selectivity with protein amino groups. Cruzfluor™ 647 dyes maintain similar spectral properties as those of Cy5® with the additional benefits of pH-independence in the range of 3 to 11 pH, increased photostability and much greater fluorescence. These additional benefits make Cruzfluor™ 647 succinimidyl ester dyes a superb alternative to Cy5®, DyLight® 633 and Alexa Fluor® 647/633. The CruzFluor™ 647 dyes have an excitation maxima of ~650 nm and an emission maxima of ~670 nm. Additionally, CruzFluor™ 647 (CFL 647) is offered conjugated to commonly used secondary antibodies for use in flow cytometry and immunofluorescence.|The CruzFluor™ family of products are a fluorescent labeling dye series that spans the full visible spectrum, and are useful to conjugate to nucleic acids, proteins and antibodies. The CruzFluor™ dyes are strong reagents for amine modification because they are incorporated with succinimidyl esters, which have a very strong ability to develop amide bonds that are as stable if not identical to the bonds found on a natural peptide.
CruzFluor™ 647 succinimidyl esteris a fluorophore dye used for labeling proteins, antibodies and nucleic acids


溶解性 Soluble in DMSO.
储存温度 -20°C储存
分子量 1390.79
品牌 Jinpan