MAb4 Antibody Reference Panel

MAb4 Antibody Reference Panel

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MAb4 Antibody Reference Panel

MAb4 Antibody Reference Panel




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M498695-10μg 10μg 期货 MAb4 Antibody Reference Panel  


产品名称 MAb4 Antibody Reference Panel
英文名称 MAb4 Antibody Reference Panel
规格或纯度 > 90%
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Product description:

The Mab4 antibody reference panel is a mixture of glycans commonly found on monoclonal antibodies: G2F(NA2F), G0F(NGA2F), and both G1F isomers.

“Glycosylation can significantly affect the in vivo safety and efficacy profiles of therapeutic recombinant monoclonal antibodies (rMAbs). In particular, glycans can have a marked influence on IgG Fc effector functions and changes in antibody glycosylation are a major cause of batch-to-batch variability during production. For these reasons, it is essential to measure and control antibody glycosylation accurately and reliably.” This introduction was copied from Dr. Daryl Fernandes’ article Demonstrating Comparability of Antibody Glycosylation during Biomanufacturing.
Form: Dry. Dried by centrifugal evaporation from an aqueous solution.
Molecular Weight:
G2F 1787
G1F 1624
G0F 1463


储存温度 -20°C储存
品牌 Jinpan