A3 Procainamide Glycan

A3 Procainamide Glycan



A3 Procainamide Glycan

A3 Procainamide Glycan




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A498658-20pmol 20pmol 期货 A3 Procainamide Glycan  


产品名称 A3 Procainamide Glycan
英文名称 A3 Procainamide Glycan
英文别名 A3 N-linked oligosaccharide
规格或纯度 >90%
运输条件 超低温冰袋运输


Product description:
procainamide labeled glycans can be analyzed by UHPLC, HPLC, ESI-MS, and LC-ESI-MS methods. Because of its improved ionization efficiency compared to 2-AB labeling it can permit identification of minor glycans (<1% relative peak area) by ESI-MS.
Sources: A3 glycans are found on several mammalian glycoproteins including bovine serum fetuin (bSF). This product is typically purified from the oligosaccharide pool released from bSF by hydrazinolysis using a combination of HPLC and glycosidase digestion.
Form: Dry. Dried by centrifugal evaporation from an aqueous solution containing approximately 50 mmol dm-3 of ammonium acetate (added to minimize acid-catalysed desialylation).
Molecular Weight: 3098
Mass free dye: 235.33
Mass Added to Glycan: 219.172
Fluorescence: λex = 310 nm, λem = 370 nm.
Amount: 20 pmols

HPLC Analysis of the A3 Procainamide Glycan
Fluorescence response Procainamide glycans show a much higher sensitivity as compared to 2-AB labeled glycans , providing peak heights three times higher than traditional 2-AB labeled glycans. The procainamide labeled sugars show comparable separation to HILIC-UHPLC assays with 2-AB.
Mass Spectrometry and Electrophoresis
Mass spectrometry response Due to its high ionization efficiency, procainamide shows much higher sensitivities the seen with 2-AB. When analyzed using ESI-MS and ESI-MS/MS, procainamide produces twenty-two times higher peaks than 2-AB. This provides a great platform for the detection and identification on minor peaks by MS/MS analysis.


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