Alpha Gal Glycan

Alpha Gal Glycan



Alpha Gal Glycan

Alpha Gal Glycan




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A498787-33μg 33μg 期货 Alpha Gal Glycan  


产品名称 Alpha Gal Glycan
英文名称 Alpha Gal Glycan
规格或纯度 >85%
运输条件 超低温冰袋运输


Product description:

The Alpha Gal glycan is a linear tetrasaccharide with sequence linkages Gal-alpha(1-3)-Gal-beta(1-4)-Gal-alpha(1-3)-Gal. This standard was developed as a positive control when using alpha galactosidase for biopharmaceutical glycoprofiling assays.
2-AB and a 2-AA Alpha Gal standard is also available.

Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose, commonly known as alpha gal, is a carbohydrate found in mammalian meat products. Approximately 1% of immunoglobulins in humans are specific to alpha-gal, and these antibodies (anti- Gal) cause an allergic reaction. Due to its potential immunogenicity, it is important therefore to screen biopharmaceuticals for alpha-gal. Some drug developers are also investigating the use of anti-Gal for tumour therapies.

Form: Dry. Dried by centrifugal evaporation from an aqueous solution.

Amount of Sample: 33 µgs

Structural Integrity: Determined by MALDI mass spectrometry and HPLC.


储存温度 -20°C储存
品牌 Jinpan