D -甘露醇

D -甘露醇

tested according to Ph. Eur.


D -甘露醇

CAS编号 69-65-8 | 品牌:Jinpan




  • 分子式 C6H14O6
  • 分子量182.17
  • Beilstein号 1721898
  • EC号 200-711-8
  • PubChem编号 6251

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产品名称 D -甘露醇
英文名称 D-Mannitol
别名 甘露蜜醇, 甘露醇
英文别名 Mannitolum, Mannite
规格或纯度 tested according to Ph. Eur.
生化机理 糖醇甜促味剂。用于甜味抑制研究。


General Description

D-Mannitol is an acyclic carbohydrate. Crystal parameters and space groups of the various polymorphic crystalline forms of mannitol have been reported. It has been proposed as an artificial sweetner. Synthesis of D-mannitol from D-glucose or D-glucose/D-fructose syrups in the presence of glucose isomerase and copper-on-silica has been proposed. D-Mannitol (Mannite, Mannitolum), an alditol, is an sweet tasting crystalline solid. It is naturally found in manna, olives, mushrooms and celery plants. It has been synthesized from glucose, via catalytic hydrogenation reaction. It is widely used as growth supplement in bacterial cultures.


D-Mannitol may be used in the preparation of the following: D -mannitol and L -iditol bis-epoxides, useful substrates for the synthesis of polyhydroxylated piperidines and azepanes chiral hydroxyl monophosphane, [(2 S ,3 S ,4 S ,5 S )-3,4-dihydroxy-2,5-dimethyl-1-phenylphospholane] bisphospholanes, [1,2-bis[(2 S ,3 S ,4 S ,5S)-3,4-dihydroxy-2,5-dimethylphospholanyl]benzene] and [1,2-bis[(2 S ,3 S ,4 S ,5 S )-2,5-diethyl-3,4-dihydroxyphospholanyl]benzene]


CAS编号 69-65-8
比旋光度 23° (C=10,Sodium tetraborate solution)
熔点 167-170°C
溶解性 水:可溶(升)
RTECS OP2060000
分子量 182.17
分子式 C6H14O6
EC号 200-711-8
品牌 Jinpan
PubChem CID 6251