Cas(632-69-9), 孟加拉玫瑰红-, 虎红钠盐,酸性红94,孟加拉玫瑰红B,四氯四碘荧光素,Rose bengal,


Biological stain


Cas(632-69-9), 孟加拉玫瑰红-, 虎红钠盐,酸性红94,孟加拉玫瑰红B,四氯四碘荧光素,Rose bengal,

CAS编号 632-69-9 | 品牌:Jinpan
Rose bengal




  • 分子式 C20H2Cl4I4Na2O5
  • 分子量1017.64
  • Beilstein号 3645857
  • EC号 211-183-3
  • MDL号 MFCD00005043
  • PubChem编号 32343

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R104991-10g 10g 期货 Cas(632-69-9), 孟加拉玫瑰红-, 虎红钠盐,酸性红94,孟加拉玫瑰红B,四氯四碘荧光素,Rose bengal,  
R104991-50g 50g 期货 Cas(632-69-9), 孟加拉玫瑰红-, 虎红钠盐,酸性红94,孟加拉玫瑰红B,四氯四碘荧光素,Rose bengal,  
R104991-250g 250g 期货 Cas(632-69-9), 孟加拉玫瑰红-, 虎红钠盐,酸性红94,孟加拉玫瑰红B,四氯四碘荧光素,Rose bengal,  


产品名称 孟加拉玫瑰红
英文名称 Rose bengal
别名 虎红钠盐,酸性红94,孟加拉玫瑰红B,四氯四碘荧光素,玫瑰红,四氯四碘荧光素 二钠盐, 孟加拉玫瑰红 B 钠盐,食品红105,玫瑰红钠盐
英文别名 4,5,6,7-Tetrachloro-2′,4′,5′,7′-tetraiodofluorescein disodium salt;Acid Red 94;Bengal Rose B sodium salt;Rose Bengal sodium salt;Food Red No. 105;C.I. 45440
应用 用作银量法的吸附指示剂和生物染色剂。
规格或纯度 Biological stain
运输条件 常规运输



Product Description:
Rose Bengal is a stain used in the eye drops to identify the eye damage. It finds application in the preparation of foraminifera for microscopic analysis, photosensitizing reactions and as a dye. In synthetic chemistry, it is utilized to convert triplet oxygen to singlet oxygen, which is used in [2+2] cycloadditions with alkenes. Its derivatives have important medical functions and used for the treatment of cancer. It acts as an alternative to phloxine B in Kreyberg’s stain for keratin and mucus. As a fluorescent probe, it is used for the determination of NAD binding sites of alcohol dehydrogenase. Product Application:
Rose Bengal is a red or rose color dye and is anionic in nature. It is a 4,5,6,7-tetrachloro 2′,4′,5′,7′-tetraiodo derivative of fluorescein. It is widely used to detect damage to the ocular surface epithelium in ocular surface diseases such as dry eye and herpetic keratitis. Rose Bengal has mild antiviral potency.Rose Bengal is used to stain dead and degenerating cells and mucus.


个人防护设备 Eyeshields,Gloves,type N95 (US),type P1 (EN143) respirator filter


CAS编号 632-69-9
敏感性 对光敏感
熔点 >300℃
储存温度 避光,干燥
RTECS LM5920000
MDL号 MFCD00005043
分子量 1017.64
分子式 C20H2Cl4I4Na2O5
EC号 211-183-3
品牌 Jinpan
Smiles [K+].[K+].Ic1cc2c(Oc3c(I)c([O-])c(I)cc3C32OC(=O)c2c(Cl)c(Cl)c(Cl)c(Cl)c32)c(I)c1[O-];[Na]OC(=O)c1c(Cl)c(Cl)c(Cl)c(Cl)c1c1c2cc(I)c(=O)c(I)c2oc2c(I)c(O[Na])c(I)cc12;[Na+].[Na+].Ic1cc2c(Oc3c(I)c([O-])c(I)cc3C32OC(=O)c2c(Cl)c(Cl)c(Cl)c(Cl)c32)c(I)c1[O-];[Na+]
PubChem CID 32343