IgG Glycoprotein Standard

IgG Glycoprotein Standard


IgG Glycoprotein Standard

IgG Glycoprotein Standard




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I498792-50μg 50μg 期货 IgG Glycoprotein Standard  
I498792-100μg 100μg 期货 IgG Glycoprotein Standard  


产品名称 IgG Glycoprotein Standard
英文名称 IgG Glycoprotein Standard
运输条件 超低温冰袋运输


Product description:

This IgG glycoprotein standard was developed for use to be used as a positive control during glycan release and labeling.
Source: This product is purified from human blood. Human IgG glycoprotein standard contains a mixture of gamma-type antibodies.
Molecular Weight:  ~150kDa (protein weight only)
Amount In comparison to BSA standard, determined by BCA assay. Value rounded to nearest μg:
 50 μg protein
100 μg protein
Glycans The majority of glycans present on human antibodies are N-link bi-antennary types . These glycans exist in both fucosylated and non-fucosylated forms, with and without bisecting GlcNAcs, and terminate either with 0, 1 or 2 galactoses (the G0, G1 and G2 glycan forms). Sialic acid terminating glycans are also present on native human IgGs.
Form Dry. Lyophilised powder.

IgG Glycoprotein Standard

Exoglycosidase analysis of Human IgG N-glycans from a similar batch of GCP-IGG. 


储存温度 -20°C储存
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